Latasha Monique Lorraine Day
Carmichael, CA


M.A. Consciousness & Transformative Studies (in progress) – JFK University, Pleasant Hill CA 10/2012 – Present

B.S. Unified Science (Coursework in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Neuroscience, Psychology) – Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 09/1998 – 09/2003

Computer Skills

Windows, Mac, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), NCBI BLAST, Journal searches, etc.


Experience working with human subjects, keeping detailed lab notebook, following protocols, ordering & maintaining supplies, troubleshooting problems, performing lab calculations, analyzing & preparing data for publication, monitoring brain waves & vitals, performing & scoring sleep studies, maintaining mammalian cell lines, performing cell based assays, PCR, ELISA, running Western blots, SDS-PAGE & agarose gels, enzyme assays, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, DNA/RNA/Protein/Virus purification, & more


6/2014 – Present
California Sleep Solutions, Roseville, CA
Sleep Technician – Clinical Sleep Lab
This is an overnight position where I am responsible for patient check in, study explanation, sleep hookup, 10-20 EEG setup, monitoring, split night studies, diagnostic studies and all night CPAP/Bilevel/O2 titration

4/2013 – 6/2014
CA Center for Sleep Disorders, Alameda, CA
Sleep Technician – 4 bed Clinical Sleep Lab
This is an overnight position where I am responsible for patient check in, study explanation, sleep hookup, 10-20 EEG setup, monitoring, split night studies, diagnostic studies and all night CPAP/Bilevel/O2 titrations

10/2010 – 8/2012
University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL Sleep Research Technician
Research position where I was responsible for performing sleep hookups, CPAP titrations, & overnight monitoring of subjects in various sleep research studies involving diabetes and sleep apnea

11/2008 – 7/2011
Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Research Technician III (Parasitology Lab)
Responsibilities included performing experiments including protein expression/purification, enzyme assays, drug screenings, enzyme kinetics, data analysis,
ordering supplies, record keeping, and lab maintenance.

9/2007 – 4/2008
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Research Specialist A (Center for AIDS Research)
Duties included performing ELISA assays, growing stock viruses, virus treatment, plasmid DNA prep, sequence analysis, organizing & maintaining freezers, documenting virus stocks & cell lines, ordering supplies, updating protocols, & lab maintenance

4/2007 – 8/2007
Centocor Inc., Radnor, PA
Research Associate I
Performed experiments including: Adhesion, Invasion & ELISA assays, Western Blots, Immunoprecipitation, & FACs analysis in order to determine effect of antibody on mammalian cancer cell lines

10/2003 – 3/2007
The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA
Research Assistant I (Molecular Biology/Virology Lab)
Researching the molecular mechanisms of Epstein-Barr Virus proteins by performing various assays including: ChIP, real time PCR, Western blotting, in vivo acetylation, virus isolation/purification, DNA prep, transfections, mammalian cell culture, and data analysis

Langsam Stevens & Morris, LLP, Philadelphia, PA
Clerk/Messenger (General Practice Law Firm)
Faxing, & mailing correspondence, making bank deposits and keeping records in log book & computer database, opening/closing administrative and case files, answering phones and filing motions at court, maintaining law library and developing a record system for keeping track of client payments

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
Sales Associate for Museum Gift Shop
Opening/closing shop, operating cash registers, handling customer inquiries, providing information regarding museum memberships and exhibits

Children in Paradise Bookstore, Chicago, IL
Salesperson in Children’s Bookstore
Opening/closing store, operating cash register, helping customers, making recommendations, organizing books, inventory; receiving/entering merchandise into database, & writing book reviews


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Lu, F., Day L., Gao, S.J. & Lieberman, P.M. Acetylation of the Latency-Associated Nuclear Antigen Regulates Repression of Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Lytic Transcription. Journal of Virology. 2006 Jun;80(11):5273-82.

Wang, P., Day, L., Dheekollu, J., & Lieberman, P.M. A Redox Sensitive Cysteine In Zta is Required for Epstein-Barr Virus Lytic Cycle DNA Replication. Journal of Virology 2005 Nov;79(21):13298-309

Lu, F., Day, L., & Lieberman, P.M. Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Virion-Induced Transcription Activation of the ORF50 Immediate-Early Promoter. Journal of Virology Oct;79(20):13180-5

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