Dream Research Project

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Have you experienced a state of being simultaneously asleep and awake? Seen images or heard voices as you were falling asleep or waking?

Have you had interesting or unusual lucid dream experiences? Or any other strange or interesting experiences as you were falling asleep, waking from sleep, or waking within a dream?

Have you traveled to different time periods or parallel worlds in your dreams? Learned information that was later verified in waking life? 

Are you interested in learning about and exploring these types of experiences? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are interested in exploring what these experiences may mean, you may qualify to participate in a qualitative research study that is exploring how these types of experiences are interpreted and integrated into our lives.

This research project involves exploring these types of experiences at the edges of sleep that contain simultaneous elements of both waking and dreaming. This study is recruiting participants who have had these types of experiences and are interested in examining them to explore how they may influence and change how we see the world.

The research study group will have 5 meetings either in person or via phone or web between February and March 2015 and will be following a participative inquiry model in which every member is a  co-participant and a co-researcher. At each meeting we will decide on an action and then reflect upon that action in order to make sense of these experiences. Meetings will take place in person or via phone or web depending on the participants preferences. I have also created a Facebook group for this project at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/liminaldreamresearch/ where all updates will be posted.

Eligibility requirements for this study are that you must be over eighteen years old, have good dream recall and experience working with dreams, have an interest in examining your sleep/dream related experiences, have had at least one liminal experience (as listed above) related to sleeping/dreaming that affected you in some way and can be remembered in detail, and be willing to share your experience in a small group as well as participate in a few surveys and questionnaires.

I am a graduate student at JFK University in the Consciousness & Transformative Studies program and am performing this research as part of my M.A. degree requirements. If you are interested and would like more information please email Latasha Day at lday@email.jfku.edu and I will send you a letter of participation regarding the study as well as consent forms to review and a participant questionnaire in order to assess eligibility.

The participant questionnaire is also available to download here.

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