Dream Research Project

So I am currently recruiting participants for my research project related to dreams. It is a study involving unusual experiences occurring somewhere between waking and dreaming. More information can be found on my Dream Research Project page. I have had multiple experiences that fall into this category, one of which I have written about here.

Dreams have always seemed to fascinate me. The fact that we can live a completely different life while we are sleeping, how sometimes, I cannot seem to distinguish whether what I remember happened while I was awake or asleep, and whether or not it matters.

My dad and I have had discussions about fictional characters and how we sometimes know more about them, than about the the author of the books in which they appear. Sherlock Holmes, for instance, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Is Sherlock Holmes really any less real simply because he is fictional? It depends, I suppose, on your definition of reality. We know so much more about him than we do about Doyle who we assume was a “real” person.

In any case, this research project involves examining various worldviews and exploring how these liminal experiences can influence or change our ways of thinking about the world around us.

5 responses to “Dream Research Project

  • Spiral Spirit

    I have also been doing a bit of research. The part where you say we live completely different lives in our dreams resonates deeply with me. I have been living about 12 lives parallel to this one in my sleep. Check out my last post. It’s shoddy word work because I was half asleep and trying to pump out as much of it as possible, but if you need to ask a dreamer a question, I have a library of information/memories from this world and others. Dream on, girl.

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    • Latasha Monique Lorraine Day

      Wow 12 parallel lives, very interesting. I haven’t been able to keep track that closely, but there are lots of times while I’m dreaming, I’ll recognize places from previous dreams, like apartments I’ve lived in, in previous dreams, but not in waking life, etc….
      I’ll definitely check out your post!

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  • Gene

    Latasha, not sure if you aware, but recent research on memory consolidation revealed: our memories from conscious life and dreaming are kept in same brain segments (delivered to hippocampus first, the information is spread through the network of neurons to different brain structures, and it is constantly traveling). That is probably why it is difficult to differentiate sometimes what was a real life experience what was our dream…


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