Lucid Dreams within Dreams, a Murder Story & a Majestic Purple Creature

So much dream craziness…I dreamed I had a lucid dream, but when I woke up from that I was still dreaming; and I was somehow still an observer and a participant of the non-lucid  dream, it was like I was dreaming I was playing a part of a detective who was investigating a murder that occurred in the first lucid dream and I find out the murderer is the man I have been dating in the dream when he proposes to me with a ring that is covered in trace evidence from the murder scene.

Then there was the earlier dream with a majestic purple animal who was about the size of a dog, walked on four legs, and was covered in beautiful purple feathers and had eyes that reminded me of an alien. I was in the apt I grew up in in Chicago and was sleeping on the couch in the living room when this animal walked the length of the couch and back, under the covers, but not quite touching me since there was a sheet between us. At first I thought it was my cat, but then it came out from under the couch and I had never seen anything like it. It was kinda strange to wake up to this foreign creature in your home, but I wasn’t scared, more like fascinated by this calm, royal, & regal creature. I found it in the hallway laying down near my cat who seemed perfectly fine with it…which is unusual for her….

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