sometimes I wish I didn’t love you

because then

being away from you

wouldn’t hurt so much

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  • holmes


    It is time to resume to where I left off. I read your comment with interest and thanks for how eloquent it was constructed. I know that I must do better in-order to get your attention and the attentions of all those who will have the chance to read this.
    I just need some time to put myself together to be more creative in my writing. Well, what can I say, March remains the perfect month for escapism, great and smell-now winter and spring is almost over at least in the northern hemisphere.I’m once again on my computer trying to put things back on this topic LOVE AND DISTANCE. I know lot of thing have to combine to weigh down on the spirt of what we feel about people we love and care about. So that when we are away we will not be hurt. in this case, distance sometime improve relationship. However, I believe the greatest fear could be our-self, and insecurity. Once we understand the feeling and our-self,The feeling can be overwhelming. Sometimes The only way to face reality is to take a break.And in my opinions this is where distance comes in.
    For those of us that believe in what is good and right, we have one big advantage. And that is never give up, We have to keep believing in our dreams. Because, DISTANCE will only make us to LOVE more. September and October brings a new cycle, new possibilities, face and promises in relationship, LOVE AND DISTANCE in this case will not be a factor, it will not hurt to be away. We will understand what it means to love more. This is for every one us to think about.


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